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Alice collections are inspirations from nature. Every Alice jewel captures the beauty of nature, such as Tropicana with colourful pink and orange gems you see in Hawaiian flowers.

Alice is a luxury jewellery company run by designer Alice Hughes. Alice is very inspired by nature, especially the 'beauty' in nature. 

'I capture the beauty from a scene in nature and re-create it in a piece of jewellery. In my Diamond Violet collection I used the darkest amethysts for the petals in my rings and necklaces and in my Snow Queen collection, I looked at ice blue lagoons and used aqua blue topaz and diamonds to create a sparkling, icey feel. My collections will inspire your imagination and refresh the wearer.'

Alice started the company with Alice in Wonderland Jewellery in 2004, with collections of silver and gold cast seashell and droplet designs, following a trip to New Zealand. In 2010, she set up 'Alice', that includes colourful gems and diamonds that enhance the beauty with colour and a high quality feel.

Alice takes on 1-of-a-kind commissions and new designs following a meeting with a new client in person or by email and items are either collected or sent by special delivery.

Alice has recently taken on training in fashion and performance costume. She will soon be launching Alice fashion collections, along with a new line of handbags and she is also accepting work on new custom designs.